NSCE Programme is a 4 months work-cum-study programme focussed on application and network security. It aims to create world-class information security professionals, who will serve Net Square and industry at large.

Net Square serves the needs of organizations globally by conducting regular security testing of their applications and network. One primary reason why many reputed brands globally trust Net Square with this very critical function is due to Net Square's high-quality work done by some very smart analysts. But as cybersecurity risk becomes ubiquitous, the need for high- quality security analysts is growing. Net Square has, therefore, come up with the NSCE Programme to train talented individuals who have the aptitude and the attitude to make a career in this space step in to fill this very critical need. In the NSCE Programme, you will learn Net Square's unique and well-proven method of how high-quality security assessment is done.

If you believe you have what it takes to make a good security analyst then NSCE is the best platform for your career.

Programme Structure:

The Basic level training will help the candidate gain understanding in the basic concept of web applications like authentication, authorization, user roles, understanding HTTP Methods, session management, and common vulnerabilities listed under the OWASP top 10. The Advanced level training will help the candidate gain a deeper understanding in assessing applications built using complex architectures like AJAX, SOAP and REST. In addition, candidates will also receive practical guidance in assessing applications using web sockets and how to build practical exploits. This level will also cover the assessment of mobile applications (iOS and Android platforms). The Expert level training will help the candidate gain insights into exploiting several injection techniques and bypassing security apparatus like WAF and performing different evasion techniques. At this stage, candidates will be also given training on how to build threat models and conduct threat-based assessments and provide customers

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