Nowadays, network devices are a very sensitive element for the operation of any organisation. If network devices get compromised, it can have a catastrophic effect, which can be measured in terms of lost revenue and productivity.

Insecure configurations of network infrastructure such as web and application servers, web frameworks, and devices such as routers, firewalls and switches could lead to a wide range of vulnerabilities and attackers can easily find a way into the business network. Therefore, It is essential for organizations to conduct a build or configuration review which helps to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks by identifying misconfigurations across web and application servers, web frameworks, and devices such as routers and firewalls.

The configuration audit for the network devices can be audited with the perspective risk. Comprehensive and detailed security audit of network components such as switches and routers is done, to ensure that security loopholes are identified and remediated. This will reduce the risk of a security incident and can help to meet the business objective.

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