Customized Training in Secure Coding

More than 90% of security issues with applications arise due to poor coding practices. Fixing these vulnerabilities requires re-working the application code and sometimes, application architecture as well. A requirement defect left undetected costs 50-200 times as much later. A defect fixed in a code review would cost 10-100 times as much to fix later on." By identifying insecure coding practices and developing secure alternatives, software developers can take practical steps to reduce or eliminate vulnerabilities before deployment. Secure Coding Training for Applications takes a very pragmatic approach to the process of writing secure code. They are delivered both in a customized format or a general format and very often our trainer's present papers at reputed international seminars on the subject.

Course outline

  1. Introduction to application security
  2. Evolution of applications and threats towards applications
  3. Common application vulnerabilities
  4. Underlying principles and goals of application security
  5. Planning for application security
  6. Secure design
  7. Secure coding practices
  8. Use and abuse of Cryptography
  9. Logging and auditing
  10. Configuration management and change control
  11. Security testing and QA

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