Our end-to-end security testing and customized IoT framework addresses security issues and enables improved performance. We implement a comprehensive strategy for covering the depth and breadth of IoT testing.

Depending on what Industry you are in,Net Square’s thorough researched methodology provide you tailored IOT testing services - which will fulfill your requirement of device testing and will provide you with the 360 degree view into security posture of your IoT environment.

The world of ARM IoT devices is growing rapidly. Routers, IP cameras, Network video recorders, VoIP systems and several other "smart" appliances are now running on ARM SoCs. While the hardware is the latest and greatest, the software running on it is a different story. Most of the digital devices are now created with wireless systems and sensors built into them. The Internet of Things (IoT) makes use of these features to connect and control the devices. IoT deployments and connected devices is grown in number drastically in recent years, but privacy and security of your IoT device remain a major concern for the commercial viability of IoT networks. Over the years, Net Square is come up with thoroughly researched ARM-X IoT Firmware emulation framework and this has now turned into tried and tested framework which has led to four 0 days discovered in oHo routers, IP cameras and VoIP exchanges.

Devices successfully emulated with ARM-X so far

  • D-Link DIR-880L Wi-Fi Router
  • Netgear Nighthawk R6250 Wi-Fi Router
  • Netgear Nighthawk R6400 Wi-Fi Router
  • Trivision NC227WF Wireless IP Camera
  • Cisco RV130 Wi-Fi Router

Net Square’s End to End IoT Ecosystem Methodology

Net Square’s effective IoT testing methodology considers IoT Product Ecosystem. Net Square offers a complete security assessment and penetration testing through our unique offering of Attacker Simulated Exploitation for IoT solutions. Our IoT Security experts will start with compromising your system and devices with an attacker’s mindset, thus revealing any possible security holes that might lead to a security breach of your IoT device.

In most of the cases even though devices share similar types of vulnerabilities, we often devote our time into unique ways of exploitation through our well researched methodology and unique approach to discover critical vulnerabilities which results in a major compromise. Net Square’s IoT Security Approach will help you in,

  • Identifying Exposure Footprint
  • Threat modeling for risk
  • Determining Impact across Ecosystem
  • Conducting Security Testing
  • Holistic Security Approach
  • Stringent reporting format

How we engage with our client?

Since each organization is unique, we want to serve you in the most unique way possible which gets you the best possible outcome, instead of serving a generalized IOT testing offering, This is why the initial call is important. Some of the topics that we cover during the call are:

  1. Scope of the penetration testing engagement
  2. What are your biggest fears regarding security of your solution
  3. Your organization's current security posture
  4. Explaining about our penetration testing methodology for your product
  5. Expected time duration and financial

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