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Net-Square Solutions Private Limited is a niche Information Security Service provider. We are completely and mainly focused on technology based areas of information security like application & infrastructure security, basically anything technical which may pose any risk at all to the vital and critical information of an Enterprise. In the application security, we very often engage in penetration testing, of both web based and internal enterprise applications, vulnerability assessment of the complete application stack, reverse engineering and source code review. And these areas requires us to be like the hounds sniffing away to find out the emerging attack vectors i.e. what the bad guys are up to. Something we would not be able to do unless we loved our work very much!

To give you a historical perspective, Net-Square Solutions was founded by an internationally experienced Information security specialist Saumil Shah in the year 2000. Since then the Net-Square has conducted many assignments for some of the best Organizations in the World in sectors ranging from Banking & Financial Services to Telecom to Retail to Pharmaceuticals. And we continue to add newer logos. Today, the Organization boasts of a very experienced Leadership Team ably supported by a team of highly dedicated and smart set of Security Analysts and IT Professionals.

Our approach to any assignment is to provide first analyze, test and provide customers with insights for them to secure the information assets, we then provide them options to automate some of the functions that lead to the risk and than to innovate products and services that will become valuable tools for our customers in their battle to keep themselves secure.

Hence our tag line Secure, Automate and Innovate.

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