Net-Square's genesis has been in the extensive research done by its team on the new exploits and attack vectors and the urge to go to the bottom of every vulnerability. Very often this deep insight has led its team to help customers in filling up the holes found by Net-Square during it's testing. But we don't believe in resting there. We want to help our customers eliminate the reason the holes are created in the first place. And that's where Net-Square's training offerings come in.

Extreme Web Hacking

Extreme Web Hacking is a brand new class designed with one goal in mind – achieving mastery over web application penetration testing.

Advanced Exploit Lab Training

The Advanced Exploit Laboratory is an all new intermediate to advanced level class, for those curious to dig deeper into the art and craft of software exploitation.

Customized Training in Secure Coding

Secure Coding Training for Applications takes a very pragmatic approach in designing applications with proper security requirements. Secure coding practices and an emphasis on security risks must be integrated into day-to-day operations and development process.

Attack and Defense Training

Committing the IT professionals of an organization with quality and advance attack and defense training, has become a vital component to go a long way in preventing or lessen the cyber attacks.

NSCE - Net Square Cyber Security Expert Certification Programme

NSCE Programme is a 9 months work- cum-study program focussed on the application and network security. It aims to create world-class information security professionals, who will serve Net Square and industry at large. If you believe you have what it takes to make a good security analyst...View more