netxslt v1.0 (command-line tool)

XML is now the most acceptable form for data representation as it provides an efficient and structured method to handle data. But when these data have to be presented as a report, the pure XML file is not sufficient. A Better way to represent these data is by using HTML, a powerful way of data representation. To convert the data in the XML file to HTML document, XSLT comes to the play.

The layout and presentation of XML data can be controlled using stylesheets. netxslt is an XML data conversion tool that converts XML and corresponding XSL into HTML using the sablotron library.


Just copy netxslt onto your executable path. Executing "netxslt" with no command line options displays usage syntax.


The syntax is straightforward and easy to learn.

netxslt -xsl < xsl file > -xml < xml file > -html < html file >

-xslName of XSL file

-xmlName of XML file

-html Name of HTML file

-?/-h Displays help page

Arguments supplied to netxslt are NOT case sensitive.

Download netxslt for Windows (206 KB)
Download netxslt for Linux (1.52 MB)


netxslt -xsl test.xsl -xml test.xml -html test.html

Operating Systems supported:

netxslt has been tested on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Mandrake9/10 and RedHat9

netxslt is included in a command-line toolkit named NSTools from Net-Square, that aid in the administration and audit of remote Windows NT/2K/XP/2003 systems.