No Stones Left Unturned - Net-Square's unique approach to conduct a thorough assessment to completely secure our clients IT Infra

Net-Square has more than 12 years of cutting-edge information security services to its clients. Over the past decade, Net-Square's methodology and practices have enabled it to provide services and value above and beyond the traditional scope of the engagement. And in the process, Net-Square has got very important insights into building secure applications. The key insight is that automated tools and scanners are not and will not be able to detect all the security vulnerabilities and findings, which will ensure that the application/network is completely secure. The effectiveness and coverage of automated testing tools and scanners are less than 40% of the entire attack surface which has been established by a paper titled "Why Johnny Can't Pentest"

And therefore Net-Square has come up with an approach called "No Stone Left Unturned". This approach involves not only doing black box and gray box testing of the application, but also doing a thorough vulnerability assessment of the Web Server, App server, database server, any middleware component and Operating system of the hardware on which the different components supporting the application is hosted.