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If big financial institutions are not careful, FinTechs may become their biggest security headache (not just business disruptors)

Financial services industry is probably going through an evolution that it has probably not gone through since the advent of ATMs. At least as far as technology is concerned. And powering this evolution is the digital disruption being caused by startups.....View More

The Wake up call

Indian media, both print and electronic, are abuzz with the latest hacks which may have resulted in compromise of 3.2 million debit cards across many banks of the country. And the reason why this breach is big can be gauged from the fact that to replace a card.....View More

A Tale of Two Experiences

In some ways the picture says it all! You probably know what I am going to talk about. Well it's just that this is not the full picture! I am going to share with you the story about two experiences. One with an international company and from the picture you would have guessed it to be Uber! And the other with a local company called Quikr......View More

Looking beyond the obvious

Yesterday, I came across an article titled “Identity theft: ONGC falls prey to cyber fraud, loses Rs 197 crore”. If you have not read this article, please read it here before you proceed. The incident highlighted by the article raises many pertinent questions that may get overlooked in the sensationalism of the fraud......View More