Serverdefender VP – Web Application Firewall for ISS

Block top threats

Real-time alerting and logging
Create granular exceptions

No training required

ServerDefender VP Web application firewall is designed to provide powerful
security against Web attacks in an affordable, easy-to-use package for IIS admins.

Value Propos

  • Prevents Web Application Attacks & Exploitation
  • 24*7 Web Application Monitoring
  • Automatic Activity Logging and Reporting
  • Support and Reduce Work Load for Administrators
  • Ensure maximum security with regular updates

Net-Square Differentiators

  • Advanced PCI Compliance combined with extreme Ease of Use
  • Rich Monitoring and Logging with Standard and Expert Modes
  • Protect IIS web applications from SQL Injections, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS),
    Request Forgery (CSRF) and much more
  • Flexible Alerting and Daily Reporting for increased analysis
  • Zero Hassles with Simple 4 Step Configuration

SDVP premium security

  • - Stop hack attempts against IIS
  • - Maintain Payment Card Industry Data Services Standard compliance
  • - Prevent data theft and breaches
  • - Stop unauthorized site defacement, file alterations and deletions
Dynamic IIS Security
  • - Block top known threats like SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting
  • - Learn to recognize and block new threats by analyzing all site traffic and flagging suspicious or malicious users
  • - Dynamically tightens security if attacks increase
  • - Differentiate between harmful and harmless traffic to prevent false-positives
  • - Granular rules let you shrink wrap security policies to fit your site's needs
  • - SDVP's Web application security requirements are based on the OWASP Top Ten Project
IIS Security Made Easy

  • - Increase and decrease security levels with the click of a mouse using Enforcement Level slider
  • - Security enforcement level icons let you know how firm your security is set against individual threats
  • - Set rigid security without implementing complex rules
Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

  • - Interactive LogViewer See security events in real-time and customize security policies on the fly.
  • - Flexible Alerts  Alerts of web attacks sent right to your email (HTML and plaintext), SNMP, Windows Event Viewer (local and remote), and Syslog-NG.
  • - Global and Site-Level Monitoring View security reports locally on your server or remotely via the Web.
  • - Daily Reports Summaries of key site traffic trends and anomalies, emailed nightly.
Geo-Targeted IP Blocking

  • - Geographically targeted IP blocking
  • - Block IP ranges by country with the click of a button
  • - User interface improvements for superior ease-of-use
  • - Fourth type of attack severity "Informational"

  • SDVP scrutinizes incoming data with a set of strict web application security controls thereby preventing SQL injection attacks attempting to
    use application code to access or corrupt database content.

  • SDVP blocks XSS attacks often used in conjunction with phishing, social engineering and other browser exploits, ultimately preventing
    malicious HTML or client-side scripts from being injected into web pages viewed by others.

  • SDVP prevents orphaned sessions that could become points of attack and vulnerability, potentially sending harmful pre-authenticated
    request to a vulnerable web application.

  • SDVP enforces your security policy in a stateful manner, making its web application security controls, even more effective.