The number one risk in IT environments is weak or Easily recoverable Epas words. Random sampling has shown that more than 50% of passwords used in companies do not satisfy minimum security standards. Every organization has a similar approach towards securing its sensitive data, however all security measure fail without strong passwords. This is exactly why attackers start here – attacking the authentication systems.


Legal Password Assessment

Epas, an enterprise password assessment solution, is an appliance offered as a service, for automatic and regular assessment of password strength for a wide range of systems. Epas takes into account all legal requirements for protecting employees private data. In particular, this includes the concerns of staff associations and the requirements of industrial constitution law, the German Data Protection Act, etc.

Cross Platform Password Assessment

Epas Analyses the strength of your password in various target systems using a self audit method. This process takes place at individually customizable intervals. The methods used are legitimate and absolutely legal.

Customizable Password Assessment

Epas supports enterprise specific or Epas password policies and objective quality measuring. All passwords in a particular IT environment are examined based on enterprise password policy or based on default epas ones; the password quality is objectively analyzed based on entropy and everything is presented in a comprehensive report.

Key Benefits

  • Password assessment
    • - Cross-platform
    • - Legitimate and legal
    • - Customizable

  • Detailed and legally compliant reporting

  • Automatic notification by e-mail

  • Company-specific definition of audit plans

  • No impairment of tested systems

  • Encryption and hardware protection

  • A more in-depth presentation of the epas solution can be found here.