Since its we like to think of Net Square as a vehicle for our people to reach their destination. And we would like you to have a great journey! As you work with Net Square, you will discover so much about the subject that we apply in our business, and probably in doing so also explore your own self.

We will provide you a challenging and engaging work environment where you will be able to fully realize the true potential of your talents. Net Square is helping Clients secure their system and infrastructure. And guess who is making the impact-our people-yesterday, today and tomorrow.

If you are a possible Net Squarite, you will:
  • Like Quality
  • Think like a global leader
  • Like Questioning everything
  • Believe in Ethic Values
  • Want the right balance

  • At Net Square, we believe, life is not just about work, but it is also about you the individual-the soul. The management team and your colleagues at Net Square will always support you, in finding the right balance in life. And there will be many events for you to share your personal life with people at Net Square.

    If the above urges you to become a Net Squarite find out if you fit for one of the job openings and submit your details.
    If you do not find any job opening fitting your profile, but want to us keep you in mind for any future position, mail us your resume at and we will definitely get in touch with you if we come across a role that suits you.

    Job Profiles

    Position: Web Application Pen-Tester / Web Application Security Analyst

    Location : Ahmadabad and Mumbai

    Primary Skills:

    Understanding of TCP/IP, sockets and network tools
    Understanding of HTTP protocol
    Building web based applications
    Programming in C#, ASP.NET
    Programming with Javascript
    SQL queries
    Use a protocol analyser/sniffer
    Write scripts in Python or Ruby

    Soft skills:

    Clarity of communication
    Self organization
    Self learning
    Visual documentation - explain it with pictures

    Role description:

    Your primary role will be to perform penetration tests and security audits, especially of applications. You must know how complex applications are built and managed. In addition to penetration testing, your time will be spent on researching new exploitation methodologies, building tools to assist and automate the process of penetration testing and data collection, and perhaps working on reverse engineering projects.

    Net-Square's projects:

    Since its inception in 2001,Net-Square has worked on innovative technology in the area of information-security. Our projects involve a lot of new R&D,  things that have not been generally worked upon before. Our projects involve a lot of systems programming, reverse engineering, exploring the undocumented and automation.

    Net-Square's team:

    Net-Square's team consists of very sharp people, driven by excellence. We ensure that our work is of the highest quality, be it for a client, or be it for ourselves. We have carved a name in the area of information security and are recognized by many individuals and companies around the world. We are continuously looking for team members who want to excel and be recognized as leading edge researchers in the information security space. Net-Square values self-learning. Our team members are encouraged to discuss their research within the organization.

    Project Manager

    Location : Ahmadabad