The Browser Bruter

The BrowserBruter is the first ever! advance browser-based automated web application penetration testing tool.

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It attacks the web application by controlling and running browsers and injecting malicious payloads in input fields. It automates the process of sending payloads to input fields of web applications in the browser and sends them to server.

It completely bypasses the need to break the encryption of HTTP Traffic in order to fuzz and insert payloads in scanners and intruders like BurpSuite, SQLMap, etc. Learn more about it here

After fuzzing it generates a comprehensive report including all the data and result of the pentest along with HTTP traffic, this report can be viewed by The Report Explorer tool which comes with The Browser Bruter.

Handcrafted in India 🇮🇳

What it does?

The biggest advantage of using browser bruter for fuzzing the web application is that all of the fuzzing will take place at browser level, so all of the attack will be as they have been manually done by the user by typing payloads in the input fields of the web application on browser.

This approach -

  • Allows Pentester to fuzz the web application forms when the HTTP body (or part of the body) is encrypted making HTTP proxy tools like ZAP and BurpSuite or SQLMap unable to insert payloads in such traffic. Learn more here.

  • Creates a way to bypass captchas by allowing the pentester to manually perform the required human interactions and then proceed to payload insertions.

  • Can fuzz front-end when there is no HTTP traffic, for example when Input is utilized on the client side, i.e. when you want to brute force OTP input which is validated on the client side, so there is no HTTP Traffic.

  • Removes the burden of session management, auth handling and other micro management like CSRF handling while using HTTP proxy tools.


Hope on to the next section to the learn about why we created The BrowserBruter.

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