Our Vision

Our Vision, is to be recognized as an expert in providing innovative solutions to help clients manage application, network and other IT security risks through Testing, Development and Training services

Company Overview

Our initial engagement with a client starts with us doing either a Vulnerability assessment or Penetration testing. This could be on one or more application or the entire IT Infrastructure. Our findings from these exercises helps us better understand the clients risk profile and suitably advice the client what they need to do to Secure themselves.

Over the years, we have built many automated products and tools to help solve many issues connected with undertaking vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. These products and tools Automate the task of protecting websites from weak coding practices while others help automate the task of testing websites in between manual testing process.
We believe that in the fast changing environment of Information Security it is important to continuously do research on the emerging threats. Net-Square team is constantly at work to Innovate new ways to beat these threats, be that through building new tools or through new methodology. Net-Square shares this information with clients through training programs.
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Leadership Team

Net-Square's business depends on trust and client's confidence in Net-Square's ability. Net-Square has ensured that its employees always practice the highest morale standards. Net-Square expects a strict moral and ethical code of conduct and is happy to have enjoyed very high level of integrity, loyalty and dedication from all its team members. These values are instilled by the top management team who are leaders in the IT and Infosec space with valuable experience in building high quality operations.